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About Us

I really wanted an iPad2 when it came out. I was at SXSW 2011 and saw the temporary store that Apple had put up. The store had a line around the block for the entire duration of SXSW Interactive and it was several people wide. You can see photos of the store (and its lines) here.

I wasn’t willing to wait in line, so I didn’t. I finally got an iPad once the initial frenzied demand had worn off a few months later. Only I knew I couldn’t take it home because I had dangerous beasts there and the tablet wouldn’t be safe. The dangerous beasts at my house are more commonly called “kids” or “children” and despite my best efforts, these dangerous beasts had destroyed more than one electronic device in the past. I could not risk taking a naked iPad into that environment.

Previous destroyed electronics have included VCRs, DVD players, a Nintendo Wii, a Sony PS3, numerous mobile phones. I was scarred and scared by these events. I vowed that the dangerous beasts would not destroy my shiny new iPad. I would keep it out of their hands, and I would make some sort of protective device to shield it from young sticky fingers. I looked online for rugged cases and did not like my choices. The strong cases seemed to large, the small cases seemed too flimsy.

So I made an aluminum case for it. This was made easier by the fact that I own a company that manufactures truck parts, and the same machines that are well suited for making steel and aluminum truck parts conveniently work for building tablet parts too. The first case was a pretty bland rectangle (Apple has not sued me yet), so I made another version with some more curves and corners. I threw in way too many screws for an industrial look, and finally I had something I thought was childproof - maybe.