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What is it?

It’s an Open Source Tablet, it will start as ruggedized SAScase enclosure with the tablet guts from parts we will source from Asia. After we have our first rough prototype, we will start to design the Open Source Tablet from the ground up. We will build a community of like minded individuals that share the passion for consumer electronics and the open source community.

Why ?

Tablets and mobiles devices have impacted the things we do in our everyday lives, everything from entertainment, communication, and logistics. While the iPad is a nice looking device, it is not durable or serviceable. These devices get more powerful, smaller, and fragile every year, but what they lack are customization such as the ability to be modified to suit a particular use or need. The durability to stand up to the everyday use of children, field workers, corporations, and business individuals.

We are inspired by Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Bunnie Huang and his Open Source Laptop project.

This article on The Street gives a good insight into the thoughts behind SAScase. You could also check out this video from CES 2013:


We were also featured on! Read the article here.


Right here in Tucson AZ, just minutes from the University Of Arizona and in the shadow of A Mountain.

How Much?

We hope to be able to offer a ruggedized 7” tablet in the $300-$400 range, this comparing to the Panasonic 7” Toughpad that averages around $1100.

Operating System

Android, with an average set of features to begin with.
Future plans will have multiple levels of performance and price.

How to get involved

Send us a message via our contact form found here: Contact Us

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